Mortgage Foreclosure Defense in Montgomery County, PA

Every year, hundreds of thousands of homes are foreclosed upon, and a large number of American homeowners end up losing their homes because of foreclosure. When you can’t pay your mortgage, banks have a right to foreclose upon you, and without a top foreclosure defense attorney assisting you, they will most likely be successful. 

Banks have attorneys of their own, and they’re extremely well-versed in matters like foreclosure. If you hope to stay in your home after a foreclosure in Montgomery County, PA, you need the best foreclosure defense lawyer on your side.

Through the foreclosure defense process, you may be able to retain possession of your home. There are many reasons why a judge might rule in favor of the homeowner in a foreclosure case, and the mortgage foreclosure defense team at Nahrgang & Associates in Montgomery County, PA knows all of them. In many cases, they involve a mistake or abusive practice on the part of the foreclosing bank:

  • The bank didn’t follow foreclosure procedures according to your state law
  • The bank can’t prove that it owns your loan
  • Your payments were credited to the wrong party
  • The bank is pursuing foreclosure while a loan modification is pending
  • You were made to pay excessive fees or fees not authorized in the mortgage contract
  • The bank overstated the amount you would have to pay to reinstate your mortgage

Foreclosure defense involves the exploitation of legal flaws like these commonly seen in the mortgage industry and can result in a modification of the terms of the mortgage. You may also be able to avoid foreclosure if you’re an active duty servicemember, if the statute of limitations has passed, or if you’re already making payments on a loan modification plan and the foreclosure never should have been initiated in the first place.

Whether your bank didn’t follow proper procedures or some other special circumstance makes initiating foreclosure illegal, a foreclosure defense lawyer can help you initiate a mortgage foreclosure defense and give you the best chance of being successful. Get help from the lawyers at Nahrgang & Associates in Collegeville; we’ve already helped residents of Montgomery County, PA stay in their homes and we can help you too. 

When you hire a foreclosure defense attorney from our firm, we won’t talk down to you or try to convince you to take a particular course of action. What we will do is help you get educated about the foreclosure process and give you all the information you need to make the right decision for your situation.

Top Foreclosure Defense Attorneys in Montgomery County, PA

Every year, a large number of American home owners lose their homes because of foreclosure. This results from the inability of the home owner to successfully pay for the home. Added to the fact that the banks and lenders are always at a better position in regard to the knowledge of the law, the home owners are usually on the losing end.

However, through foreclosure defence, you can retain your home. Foreclosure defence involves the exploitation of legal flaws in the mortgage industry and can result in a modification of the terms of the mortgage. The loss of homes due to foreclosure is usually in favor of the lender or the bank; and these are the institutions that work hard through the foreclosure process to see home owners lose their property.

Get help from one of our lawyers here at Collegeville and you should be sure to get the best possible results.

Learn About The Foreclosure Process With Our Foreclosure Defense Lawyers in Montgomery County, PA

The Collegeville, Pennsylvania, Nahrgang and Associates law firm, has been in operation for over 20 years. The key to getting the best results in foreclosure defence is to seek an experienced foreclosure defence attorney. 20 years are more than is necessary to understand the ins and outs of the legal system.

If you are falling back in your mortgage payment, then you need to quickly contact a foreclosure defence attorney. This will help slow down or stop the foreclosure process. Otherwise, you will end up losing your home. At the worst, a Collegeville lawyer will help you retain your home for a longer period of time, during which the court will decide whether or not you should still keep the home.

Here are a few tips to help you successfully hire a foreclosure defence attorney:

Get you papers in order before meeting the lawyer. These are the papers showing the chronology of events that resulted in the foreclosure process.
Handle it like business. Many times, this kind of stress makes people want to add emotions to the subject. This only serves to reduce the worth of the time spent with the lawyer since emotions don’t matter in law. Instead you need to be objective and work from the facts of the matter.
Identify the problem. The bank could have lent you more money than you could afford, or could have violated the law by lending you the money.
Avoid lawyers who claim to be able to save your home even without understanding your situation first. Can you afford the house? If not, then the lawyer could just be a fraud.
On the same note, avoid lawyers who are highly pessimistic. You will notice these by their communication methods. For example, if they claim that there is nothing that can be done to save your home. At the worst, a foreclosure defence should result in extended time to help you get back in track with your payments.

The Foreclosure Process

The foreclosure process cannot be initiated in the first month of your defaulting of payment. In Pennsylvania, the process is started when you are at least 60 days behind in your payment. After this period, your lender will send you an Act 91 notice. This is a notice informing you of your right to get a loan from the state of Pennsylvania. Usually, this is hard to obtain. If you fail to obtain this loan, the lender will file a foreclosure complaint and send you a copy through the sheriff. As the homeowner, you need to respond within 30 days, after which a judgment can be held, resulting in the sheriff selling off your property to settle the debt.

Help With Foreclosure

If you need help with foreclosure, then you have a number of options. These include:

  • Changing the loan’s interest rate
  • Reducing the loan’s principal
  • Reducing your monthly payment
  • Reducing or eliminating your late fees
  • Reducing or eliminating penalties
  • Stopping the payment of the loan for a while
  • Extending the time for repayment of the loan
  • Filing for bankruptcy
  • Short selling the home
  • Exchanging the title of the home for release from mortgage obligations

If you’re facing a foreclosure in Montgomery County, PA, you have many legal avenues you can use to defend yourself. The first step is hiring the best lawyer in the area. Call Nahrgang & Associates today for your free initial consultation.

Going through a foreclosure is an incredibly stressful experience. It leaves the homeowner with a lot of anxiety about whether or not he’ll end up homeless, which isn’t good for anyone’s well-being. When you are unable to pay your home mortgage, it is within a bank’s rights to foreclose upon you. The verdict will most likely be in favor of the bank if you don’t have the best foreclosure defense lawyer on your side.

Residents of Montgomery County, PA, trust Nahrgang & Associates to arm them with the best foreclosure defense lawyers to win their cases. Through the foreclosure defense process, you may be able to retain possession of your home as there are plenty of reasons why a judge may rule in favor of the homeowner in a foreclosure case.

If you’re in Montgomery County, PA and need a foreclosure defense lawyer that is armed with the right knowledge and skillset to win your unique foreclosure case — from loan modifications to whether or not the bank actually did follow the proper procedures — you can be sure that our representatives will do their best to win that foreclosure defense case. Our foreclosure defense lawyers will educate you on how best to go about your case, so you can make the right decision.

Contact our office in Montgomery County, PA today to discuss your foreclosure defense case. Nahrgang & Associates offers free initial consultation, so we can make decisions to discuss your unique case.

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