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Your home in Chester County, PA is your sanctuary, but if you’re facing foreclosure, it could all be taken away from you. When your lender initiates a foreclosure action against you, it’s always smart to speak with a foreclosure defense lawyer and find out what your options are. You don’t have to accept a foreclosure. You can fight back, and when you choose that course of action, your foreclosure defense attorney will be your strongest ally. 

In some cases, a foreclosure defense lawyer may be able to help you stop the foreclosure so you can stay in your home. In other cases, you can delay the foreclosure and have more time to find other living arrangements. No matter what specific situation may be, you’re almost certain to lose your case without the assistance of a top foreclosure defense attorney.

Nahrgang & Associates has been providing mortgage foreclosure defense services to residents of Chester County, PA for over 20 years. If your lender is foreclosing upon you, we can help you stay in your home. Give us a call today if you need a top foreclosure defense lawyer or you need other legal services like bankruptcy lawyers in Chester County, PA.

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There are many reasons why a judge may decide to stop or delay a foreclosure action. They include:

  • The foreclosure was not initiated in accordance with state laws
  • The lender can’t prove that they own your loan
  • Your lender made a mistake, like crediting your payments to the wrong party
  • You have a loan modification pending or you are already making payments on a loan modification plan
  • You were made to pay excessive fees or your loan contract contained unreasonable provisions
  • You are an active duty service member

These are just a few of the situations that may allow you to stay in your home after being foreclosed upon. A foreclosure defense attorney can help you decide if any of them apply to you. At Nahrgang & Associates, our mortgage foreclosure defense team is specially trained to listen to the client and treat them the way they want to be treated. Your foreclosure defense lawyer will never try to steer you in a particular direction; rather, we will give you all the tools and information you need to make the right decisions for yourself.

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