Everything You Need To Know About Filing Bankruptcy Chapter 7 in Montgomery County, PA

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If you are planning to declare bankruptcy in Montgomery County, PA, it’s important that you consider all your options. There are many different types of bankruptcies, and each one has a specific purpose. For some debtors, Chapter 7 may be the correct type.  

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer can help you determine if this is the correct course of action for your situation. At Nahrgang & Associates, we’ve assisted many Montgomery County, PA residents with their bankruptcies, and now we would like to help you. When you hire a top Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer from our firm, they will empower you with all the information and tools you need to make the right decision for yourself.

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is usually the right option for people with unsecured debts, including older income tax debt, credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, and deficiency claims from repossessed vehicles. Your Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney will go over all these items with you and help you decide if this is the best type of bankruptcy for your situation.

If you have little or no disposable income, filing for bankruptcy can help eliminate your debt and give you the opportunity to start over with no payments to creditors. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help you understand the process and assist you with how to file for Chapter 7. You will receive all the information you need to make sure you choose the best possible debt relief option for your unique situation. 

While many people fear the possibility of losing their personal property when they file for bankruptcy, we are committed to helping you find a solution that will allow you to keep as many of your assets as possible. If it seems that some of your property may be at risk, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer from our firm can look at other solutions to better fit your requirements.

Our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers in Montgomery County, PA Can Make Filing Easy & Painless

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the right option for people with unsecured debts, including older income tax debt, credit cards, personal loans, medical bills and deficiency claims from repossessed vehicles. If you have little or no disposable income, filing for bankruptcy can help eliminate your debt and give you the opportunity to start over with no payments to creditors. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help you understand the process and assist you with how to file for Chapter 7. You will receive all the information you need to make sure you choose the best possible debt relief option for your unique situation. While many people fear the possibility of losing their personal property when they file for bankruptcy, we are committed to helping you find a solution that will allow you to keep as many of your assets as possible. If it seems that some of your property may be at risk, we can look at other solutions to better fit your requirements.

Filing for Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Can Be Painless

In most instances, filing for bankruptcy Chapter 7 does not result in the loss of personal property. Mostly, trustees will look at nonexempt property, or items that can be sold to repay your outstanding debts. The overwhelming majority of Chapter 7 cases we file are declared “no-asset” by trustees. In such cases, it is decided that none of the personal property will bring enough money to justify liquidation, and property will therefore not be at risk. If you do need to file for bankruptcy, our experienced attorneys will help you with how to file and follow through with all the required procedures.

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How to File Bankruptcy Chapter 7 to Cover Your Debts

Filing for bankruptcy may not be a pleasant experience, but it may be a necessary one. When your circumstances dictate that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best option, you should seek an experienced, well respected, and responsive law firm that can provide a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer to help assure your case is successful and relatively painless. If you live in Montgomery County, PA or nearby areas, Nahrgang & Associates is the law firm to supply the Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer you need. When it becomes necessary for you to declare bankruptcy, the first step is to contact a top Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney right away.

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Some of the required steps and forms for filing for bankruptcy include:

  • Voluntary petition for individuals filing Chapter 7
  • Schedule A/B Property
  • Schedule C – J that our experts will assist with how to file
  • Summary of assets and liabilities
  • Declaration about your debtor’s schedules
  • Statement of financial affairs
  • Statement of intention
  •  Statement of current monthly income
  • Notice required for individuals filing bankruptcy
  • Filing the petition

A top Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer from Nahrgang & Associates in Montgomery County, PA can assist you with all these steps. We know that giving the best advice means providing our clients with all the information they need to make the right decision on their own. 

Our attorneys will never pressure you into taking a particular course of action; we will make sure you know that decisions you have made are the right ones for you. If you need help with your bankruptcy, talk to our knowledgeable attorneys today

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